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4 in 10 LGBTQ youth say the community in which they live is not accepting of LGBTQ.


LGBTQ youth say their biggest problems are not feeling accepted by their family, trouble at school/bullying, and a fear to be out/open.


LGBTQ youth say they hear negative mesages about being LGBTQ. The top sources are school, the internet and their peers

LGBTQ Youth Make Up 40% of the homeless youth population and only 7% of the general youth population.

  • LGBTQ Youth (Homeless Population) 40%
  • Non-LGBTQ (General Population) 7%


Lesbian, gay and bisexual youth are more likely to use drugs and alcohol than their non-LGBTQ counterparts.

  • LGBTQ youth said they had been verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation in the past year. 81.9%
  • LGBTQ youth had been physically harassed (e.g., pushed or shoved) 38.3%
  • LGBTQ youth had been assaulted (e.g., punched, kicked or injured with a weapon) 18.3%

LGBTQ youth with high levels of family rejection are
significantly more likely to report having attempted suicide,
high levels of depression, illegal drug use and unprotected sex
compared to LGBTQ adults with little or no family rejection.

Statistic Sources:

The Trevor Project
Human Rights Campaign

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